Engineering You Trust

Corporate Culture

Founded in 1977, Frontier is a privately owned oil and gas engineering firm with a reputation for excellence. Frontier has over 35 years of experience and an unparalleled combination of talent, expertise, and integrity.

We cut our teeth on projects that proved our innovative depth and breadth, through the economic recession of the 1980s, to establish an enduring reputation for quality and entrepreneurial perseverance.

From design and execution of North America’s longest running blow-out successful well kill, to managing onshore HPHT and offshore wells, Frontier’s robust reputation is built on a diligent work ethic and the practice of proven techniques and contemporary technologies.

Frontier is the go-to for complex and difficult projects. Our engineers have managed projects in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, Canadian Arctic and Eastern Canada, in addition to countless international onshore and offshore projects.

We invest in mentorship and training between our bright young thinkers and senior engineer leadership team to provide an energized and fresh perspective to our clients and industry.

Our rigorous peer-review process has produced a library of engineering manuals that are used as standard reference at major universities, oil and gas exploration companies, and by consultants, contractors, and project managers.

Over the years Frontier has developed relationships with government agencies and world-class service companies. Frontier has also contributed to regulatory and policy development locally and internationally.