Engineering You Trust

Commitment to Quality

At Frontier, our quality is at a higher standard with more effective ways to deliver practical results.  When you hire us, our quality assurance processes include:

  • In-depth research and learning about the particular operating area as well as its idiosyncrasies (e.g. hazards, potential operating difficulties);
  • Sound engineering and operational planning derived from our many years of experience; and
  • A rigorous peer-review process for revealing areas that can be improved or may require greater attention, avoiding critical and costly mistakes.

The result is a quality process that accomplishes the outcome that you expect – without incident and regardless of complexities.

Experienced & Flexible Teams

Our teams are customized according to the changing scope of a project and assembled on the basis of technical ability and geographical experience, including cultural understanding and language skills for international projects. The team can be comprised solely of Frontier’s staff or working jointly with your staff. Work can be performed in our offices,your offices, or at a remote location established for the project. We maximize cost-effectiveness, quality control and project timeframe.

Setting Industry Standards

Frontier has produced a library of engineering manuals that are used as standard references at major universities, gas and oil exploration companies, and by consultants, contractors and project managers.  We believe we make a difference with our interactions; raising our own standards means to our customers the delivery of superior results.